AI for Sales

  • By means of Robotic process automation (RPA) solutions UiPath automates the interactions of customers with your contact center end-to-end. It claims to automates those steps where human interaction does not (yet) add value and provided the right insights to te contact center employee at the right time. Their solutions can therefore be classified as a Sales Assistant that gives customer insights.
  • DigiMind provides intelligence software to help to fully understand consumer insights, the competitive environment, and the market trends. It is classfied as a Sales Expert that helps on Marketing Campaign Management.
  • Celonis usesr process and task mining to visually reconstruct the Opportunity Management process from transactional system data (event logs). It automatically identifies ineffiencies and assesses quality. It is therefore classified as a Sales Expert that helps in Opportunity Management.
  • Zilliant provides cloud-native price optimization and management and sales guidance software. Zilliant Sales IQ helps sales people to recommend the right product to the right customer. Zilliiant Price IQ helps to recommend sales people the right pricing in the right situation. Their solution is classified as a Sales Coach that helps with CPQ.
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