The Commercial Excellence Portal ambitions to be the central directory for Commercial Excellence. Sales and Marketing professionals can leverage the CX Portal to find, learn, share and collaborate with other Professionals that are active in the field of Commercial Excellence. Find like-minded people, communities, companies or inspiring content. Contribute new entries, new content or new ideas. The ‘blue buttons’ throughout the portal are an open invite to contribute to this valuable central Commercial Excellence resource
CX Portal is a Sales Engineers initiative. Sales Engineers has been active in the field of Commercial Excellence for Global B2B Organization for the past 10+ years.

Furthermore, the Commercial Excellence Portal was created in order to bring transparency to businesses and sales professionals alike with regards to Commercial Excellence, as well as anyone else who has interest in business excellence. Many companies, especially in the last few years, have focused primarily on operational excellence which aims to improve productivity, performance, and safety. However, over the years the term and practice of Commercial Excellence has burst into the scene and has slowly became normalized among all different types of businesses.

You may be asking yourself, however, what exactly is Commercial Excellence? This is a completely valid question as the term has developed into a sort of buzzword, riddled with all sorts definitions in a wide variety of businesses and industries. In short, Commercial Excellence is the design and delivery of commercial best practices that maximise profitable revenue including programs to improve pricing, salesforce effectiveness, product mix, customer selection and focus as well as distributor management.

Due to the increasing popularity and importance of Commercial Excellence, we at Sales Engineers have developed a knowledge repository for information surrounding the world of Commercial Excellence. In this portal, you can find information by category: People, Companies, Communities, and general Resources and News. More than simply being a knowledge repository, we encourage you to use our add new form and help us make this portal a model of open collaboration.