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This section of CX portal is dedicated to professionals that are active in the field of Commercial Excellence. Individuals within a variety of fields and different specializations but all active in the field of Commercial Excellence.
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  • Ann Handley


    Digital marketing & content expert. Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Keynote speaker. Writer.

    Ann is a speaker, author, and member of the LinkedIn influencer program as well as the world’s first Chief Content Officer. Cited in Forbes as the most influential woman in […]
  • Brian G. Burns


    The Brutal Truth about Sales and The Sales Leadership Show (Podcasts)

    Brian Burns’ personal LinkedIn profile promoting his podcasts, his books, website, and training courses. Also includes all of his education and work history as well as professional endorsements and recommendations.
  • Colleen Francis


    LinkedIn's #1 Sales Influencer, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Sales Strategist, Best Selling Author

    As the president and owner of Engage Selling Solutions, Colleen works with organizations and executives to create strong, consistent and lasting sales results. She conducts sales seminars and workshops, runs […]
  • Jeff Davis


    B2B Growth Strategist: Helping companies design how they sell and market in a digital-first world

    Jeff Davis’ personal profile who aims to birdge the gap between marketing and sales to create a powerful synergy that is effective at converting buyers into customers
  • Nancy Nardin


    World's leading sales technology expert

    Sales technology expert focused on helping businesses and individuals find the right sales tools, own er of the SmartSelling Tools platform.
  • Scott Brinker


    VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot; Editor at; Program Chair of MarTech

    Scott Brinker is the founding father of the ChiefMartec meme, currently employed as VP platform Ecosystem at Hubspot, in this role he is actively using the site as a […]