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Tact.ai Helps Global Pharma Leader Boost Productivity for Reps, Even During a Pandemic


By using a solution from tact.ai, Pharma companies have been able to maximize the value of getting in contact with doctors, either remotely or in person by simplifying the interaction. This case is therefore classified as a Sales Assistant that helps with (Key) Account Managent. This allowed management to handle their logistics in a more effecient and collaborative way and as a consquence enhance their CRM.


Tact.ai builds smarter CRM tools that uses AI to simplify data entry which allows a rep to capture the most critical details of meetings witin 5 minutes. Data is synced through a shared system via wifi or cellular sinal giving immediate up-to-date information. This data system integration has allowed their customers to imporve their logistics significantly, having an increase from 12% to 50% of planned calls in advance while comprehendable call recordings have been boosted up to 92%.

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